Bathroom Remodeling in Prince Frederick, Maryland

As one of Southern Maryland’s most trusted remodeling companies, Towne Craft Builders works closely with Prince Frederick residents to bring their dream bathroom to life. We work closely with you at every step along the way, from project consultation to completion.

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Prince Frederick, Maryland Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

If you feel that your bathroom isn't serving you well or doesn't match your aesthetic goals for your home, then it's time to consider a bathroom remodel. At Towne Craft Builders, our team can help you find and execute an impressive bathroom remodel. Some ideas to consider adding to your space include:

  • Making it look like a spa
  • Adding a clean and modern design
  • Embracing a new theme
  • Expanding a master bath to be a full en suite bathroom
  • Adding custom tile or mosaics
  • Increasing window light
  • Improving accessibility
  • Increasing how large the bathroom feels

You may have your own ideas for what you want to do with your space. Let us know what they are, and we will get started on your bathroom remodel.

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Why Remodel Your Prince Frederick Bathroom?

Over 30 percent of Prince Frederick homes were built in the 1980s, so they tend to have outdated bathrooms that don’t reflect modern style. Bring your bathroom into the 21st century with a remodeling project by Towne Craft Builders. A bathroom remodel is an affordable way to invest in your home and customize your space.

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Prince Frederick, MD, Bathroom Remodeling Services

Towne Craft Builders works closely with Prince Frederick residents to create bathrooms they love. We offer a wide variety of remodeling services that can be customized to meet your needs. Whether your project is big or small, Towne Craft Builders can help transform your bathroom into your favorite room in your home.

Install a Custom Shower

Want to ditch the shabby shower curtain? Looking to modernize your bathroom? Towne Craft Builders can give new life to your space by adding glass enclosures, custom tiling, and a custom shower to your space. We’ll handle every step in the process, from plumbing to grout and everything in between.

Bathtub Installation

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as a bath. Our designers will work with you to select a tub perfect for you and your bathroom. From classic clawfoot tubs to luxurious whirlpools, Towne Craft Builders can present you with a variety of options to make your bathroom a unique oasis.

Custom Vanity Installation

Getting ready for the day should be easy and enjoyable. Without proper counter space, it can become a bit of a chore. Towne Craft Builders can install a custom vanity to provide you with additional counter and storage space to make getting ready a breeze.

Built-In Bathroom Storage

Cleaning products, extra towels, toiletries, and other products can make your bathroom feel like a cluttered mess. When you add discreet storage solutions to your space, you can add a sense of organization and a touch of elegance you can be proud of showing off.

Towne Craft Builders offers a variety of services to help you love your bathroom. Ready to get started? Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Your Prince Frederick, MD Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

As a team of experienced bathroom remodeling contractors in Prince Frederick, Towne Craft Builders can help with all aspects of your remodel. From designing your new bathroom to executing the design, we can handle it all. Let us take your ideas and turn them into an executable plan that will transform your space to make it more attractive and more functional for your family.

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Bathroom Remodeling Consultations in Prince Frederick, MD

Every day, you start and end the day in your bathroom. It should be a calm, welcoming space, not one that makes you feel stressed. It should provide the right lighting to help you as you adjust your appearance. All of this can be accomplished with help from the bathroom remodeling pros at Towne Craft Builders. If you're in need of a bathroom makeover, you can trust our experienced and knowledgeable team to do the job well.

Take the first step in creating the bathroom of your dreams and contact Towne Craft Builders today! We proudly serve the Prince Frederick area and are ready to assist you. Call (301) 880-0103 now for your custom quote.

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