10 Reasons to Build a Deck

Are you considering building a deck in your backyard? Perhaps you constructed one a few decades back, but you’re thinking about replacing it with something more modern and durable. This could be a smart home improvement project in more ways than one.

Consider these 10 reasons to build a deck this summer. Then, contact Towne Craft Builders at (301) 880-0103 when you’re ready to begin your project.

  1. Entertainment space: Do you love hosting parties? If it gets a bit cramped inside, open up your backyard with a spacious deck. It’s easier to mingle and chat while seated on comfortable patio furniture instead of lawn chairs strewn across the grass. Best of all, party cleanup is a breeze when you keep the mess outside.
  2. Outdoor cooking: Whether you plan to add an outdoor kitchen or simply hook up your propane grill, it’s practically essential to have a deck if you barbecue regularly. Plus, your friends and family will love dining al fresco on the comfortable, roomy deck.
  3. Relaxation: Need to escape after a hectic day? Your backyard makes the perfect retreat. After all, spending time outside is good for your mental health. A deck provides a place to kick back and relax. To allow for outdoor leisure even when the weather is bad, consider enclosing part of your deck as a screened-in porch.
  4. Resale value: When you improve your outdoor living space with a deck, expect your home resale value to increase. If you ever list your house on the market, you can raise the asking price because buyers are willing to pay more for a home with a beautiful, durable deck.
  5. Affordability: Sometimes, interior remodeling and home additions are the right choice, but these usually cost more than building a deck. Even at its affordable price, a deck offers years of enjoyment for your family and friends.
  6. Fast construction time: Major home renovations can take months to complete, but a deck builder can often finish the job in just one to three weeks, depending on the scope of the project. Even if it takes longer, the work is confined to the exterior, so the inconvenience is minimal.
  7. Curb appeal: The right deck can beautify your home’s exterior. With endless colors, finishes, and design options to choose from, you have a lot of say in your deck’s final appearance.
  8. Endless customizations: Build a deck to suit your lifestyle and interests. For example, a dual-level deck separates the seating and recreation areas. Built-in stairs or ramps make for easy access to the rest of the yard. And integrated fire features, planter boxes, benches, awnings, gazebos, and more can increase your enjoyment.
  9. Low maintenance: If you’re tired of sanding and staining your warped wood decking, look into installing a composite deck. This material looks like wood, but it lasts longer and requires none of the maintenance.
  10. Safety: A rickety, old deck can be a safety hazard. Wobbly handrails, loose floorboards, and unstable support beams are an accident waiting to happen. Get rid of this liability and replace it with a sturdy, reliable deck.

Once you decide to build a new deck or replace your existing one, the final question is whether you should tackle the job yourself or hire a professional. Save time and energy, enjoy peace of mind, and ensure a job well done by leaving deck installation to Towne Craft Builders. We are Maryland’s preferred deck builders, with years of experience and access to high-quality materials such as Trex composite, Ipe hardwood, and more.

Give us a call at (301) 880-0103 or contact us online to begin the deck-building process with Towne Craft Builders!

Top Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2021

Breathe new life into one of your most-frequented home spaces with an upscale bathroom remodel. Bathroom remodeling is an opportunity to reinvent a space while upgrading your investment. On average, homeowners can expect to recoup more than half the total cost of their bathroom remodel upon resale–when it’s done right. That’s where we come in. Towne Craft Builders is here to ensure our Southern Maryland customers stay apprised of the best in design and product development. The following top bathroom remodeling trends for 2021 are here to inspire you on your next project. Call us today at (301) 880-0103 to get it started!

Statement Lighting

Gone are the days of mere sconces to lighten your bathroom space. 2021 demands the eye-catching drama that statement lighting provides. Don’t be surprised when you see the drama of a dining room or living room hanging front and center in your bathroom. Chandeliers, pendants, and lighting that is the focal point of the space are what you will find this year.

Warm Paint Colors

Top designers agree that the paint colors retailers will be fighting to keep in stock in 2021 are in the vibrant and warm category. We’re talking about your warm reds, oranges, and yellows. Gone are the days when bathrooms were designed with a cool, calm color palette in mind. This year, we are looking for the vitality found in warm colors to start and end our day.

Large-Colored Tile

When it comes to bathroom tile, subway isn’t making an exit anytime soon. But the size of it may surprise you. Expect to see larger tiles this year that make their presence known with their flashy hues. Patterns and textured titles are also making a comeback as are matte options. Narrow down your options for your Southern Maryland bathroom remodeling project by contacting Towne Craft Builders today at (301) 880-0103 or contacting us online.

Nature-Inspired Themes

Another big trend for 2021 are bathrooms designed with a nature theme. Think forest scenes or flora and fauna wallpapers. Invite the healing power of Mother Nature into your home through design elements that evoke her. Get this look with eliminating porcelain elements and incorporating raw wood varieties. Stone sink basins, concrete accent walls, and natural plants really bring home the look. Where possible, add a sliding glass door to bring even more of nature into your space.

Graphic Wallpaper

Often classified as out-of-style, wallpaper is having a moment. A top 2021 bathroom remodeling trend involves wrapping your walls in a classic print or other graphic scene—the bolder the better. Bathrooms are a great space for experimenting with wallpaper since they are typically smaller spaces and don’t compete with the design elements of furniture or adjacent rooms.

Statement Tubs

Expect bathroom renovations of 2021 to start with a statement tub, front and center. Freestanding tubs are the look of the year as separate tub and shower systems rise in popularity. Tubs offer a type of rest and relaxation you just can’t find in a shower as you soak your problems away.

Floating Vanities

Wall-mounted floating vanities got their start on the restaurant scene but are now becoming a stunning, space-saving solution in the bathroom. Consider the elegance and ingenuity of a floating vanity for your bathroom remodeling project. Floating vanities offer you flexibility on height which helps when working in small spaces. The refreshing uniqueness of a floating vanity is a piece of artwork itself.

Quality Work You Can Trust

Starting a bathroom remodeling project can feel overwhelming without some professional direction. That’s where Towne Craft Builders comes in. As a Maryland design-build company, with more than 40 years of industry experience, we can help make your abstract ideas concrete. We offer you quality work that you can trust with licensed and insured sub-contractors and suppliers ready to take on your Southern Maryland bathroom remodel.

Partner with a Southern Maryland bathroom remodeling contractor to get your project started today by contacting Towne Craft Builders at (301) 880-0103 or contacting us online.

How to Find a Buildable Lot

If you’re looking to build a custom home, the first step is to find a buildable lot. Many considerations go into this, from the lot’s location, grade, and soil conditions to land use regulations and deed restrictions. When evaluating a piece of land to build on, take your time and proceed with caution.

Learn how to find a buildable lot here. Then, contact Towne Craft Builders at (301) 880-0103 if you need help finding land to build a home in southern Maryland.

Consider Land Use Regulations

Zoning laws at the local, state, and federal levels restrict what you can build on certain parcels of land. Some lots are zoned for residential, while others are earmarked for commercial or agricultural use. You may be able to have your property rezoned, but this takes time and money, with no promise of success.

Zoning also dictates things such as building height, size, and distance from the road. If you run into a problem—such as buying a lot approved for a two-bedroom home when you want to build one with four bedrooms—you’ll have to apply for a variance. There’s no guarantee you’ll get one, so it’s better to walk away from a problematic lot before you fall in love with a headache waiting to happen.

Conduct a Title Search

A particular lot may be restricted through easements, rights-of-way, covenants, or other deed restrictions. For instance, the previous owner may have donated a portion of the land for conservation. If that’s the case, you will not be able to build there. A title search can help you determine if problems like this could get in the way of buying or building on a lot.

Contact Your Local Building & Planning Department

Often the best place to find out if a lot is buildable is to visit the Building and Planning Office. While you’re there, pick up a local zoning map. The Building and Planning Office is not intended to prevent construction—rather, officials want builders and developers to understand and follow the rules established to protect the community.

Tell officials where you want to build and ask if you will likely face any hiccups along the way. They should be able to tell you if there are any immediate reasons why you can’t build on the land you’ve picked out.

Ask for Verification

As a buyer, you have the right to know how the land was used prior to your purchase. For instance, hidden environmental problems could carry a high cleanup cost. You can prevent this liability from landing on your shoulders by asking the seller for a written statement certifying that the land is free of toxic materials.

Warning Signs to Watch Out For

It’s not illegal for someone to sell you an unbuildable lot or one that is unsuitable for your project. Be extra cautious when exploring land with the following characteristics:

  • Wetlands and flood zones
  • Historical sites
  • Environmentally sensitive sites
  • Inadequate road frontage or access
  • No potable water onsite
  • Contaminated soil
  • Steep grade
  • Failure to pass a percolation or “perc” test

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of finding a buildable lot, team up with Towne Craft Builders. Part of our service includes helping you find that special lot in the perfect location. We can also assist with the land purchase, obtain a construction permit, and build your custom dream home.

We’re here for you every step of the way! To discuss your vision and goals for building your dream home, please contact us online or call (301) 880-0103 today.

Should I Demolish and Rebuild or Renovate my Home?

Whether you have been living in an older house for years now or you have just bought an old home you may be wondering whether you should tear down and rebuild or remodel. This can be a hard decision and it is one well worth seeking out a professional on. However, if you are just starting to think about which decision may be better for you, the tips in this blog post may help.

What to Consider when it comes to Rebuilding or Renovating

  • The Structure of the Home – If your old home is not structurally sound it may cost more than you think to fix. Major structural issues can be costly. Not only do the structural issue need to be fixed but you may need to look at making the home more energy efficient and fixing other potential problems that may arise. If you do have major structural issues in your home, demolishing and rebuilding could be a better option. If your home’s structure is solid and you love the existing house, remodeling could be a more affordable option.
  • Heritage Listed Homes – If you have a home that is on state or territory heritage register then demolishing and rebuilding will not be an option.  Renovating heritage listed homes can also be tricky as any changes you plan to make will need to match with the heritage listed rules.
  • Your Home’s Boundaries – Before making a decision whether to rebuild or renovate you will need to make sure there are no boundary changes or issues on your current property. You may plan to knock down and build only to realize the boundaries have changed and now you can’t build the house of your dreams or even shadow the previous home that was there. It is a good idea to check this out before deciding or planning to knock down and rebuild.
  • Do You Need Somewhere to Live, Now? - If you need to continue to live in the home while changing it, remodeling often makes more sense.  This is especially true if the home is structurally sound and parts of the home still appeal to you. When remodeling you can go in stages so that you can continue to live in the home while you tackle each separate area.

These are just a few of the things you will need to consider when making a decision whether to remodel or knock down and rebuild. The team at Towne Craft are experts in both building and remodeling. We can come out to your home and give you an assessment, helping you decide what would work better for your unique situation.

No matter whether you choose to knock down and rebuild or you choose to remodel, our experts will work with you from beginning to end to make sure you get the home you have always wanted.

Home Trends For 2017

Whether you are looking to build a brand new home this year, looking to renovate or you just love knowing what is happening in home trends, 2017 looks to be a great year for home design.

Design teams are seeing trends like stark white kitchens and brush metals leave us while new tones, design ideas, and materials make their way onto the home design scene.

5 New Home Trends for 2017

  1. Matte Appliances – Out with the shiny appliances and in with more of a matte look. Companies like Whirlpool have already started to adjust their product lines for this new trend. Not only are matte appliances totally unexpected but they also don’t show every little fingerprint making it easy to keep your kitchen looking clean.
  2. Cerused Wood - Cerused wood or cerused oak gives a finish that shows the unique grain of a wood piece. This type of finish has actually been around for centuries, however these days it is completed without the toxic chemicals.  You will see ceruse wood on cabinets, tables, and other wood surfaces become more popular throughout 2017. This finish goes best with woods like oak and ash.
  3. Drama Filled Colors – Say goodbye to white and beige as the trends this year will be dramatic, deep colors. Think deep rich colors and jewel tones like amethyst, rich plum, and emerald green. Don’t worry if the rich, dark colors are not your style, 2017 will also see a resurrection of Easter season pastels.
  4. Smart Home Features – This trend has been ramping up for years but designers say 2017 is set to be the year where the smart home really takes off. This will include furniture that is specifically built to house your smart devices, think bedside tables with wireless charging docks. Voice-activated assistants like Amazons Echo or Dot will also be popular.
  5. Kitchen Storage Walls – Say goodbye to rows of upper cabinets surrounding your kitchen and say hello to a storage wall. These storage walls are designed to take up one large wall in your kitchen giving you one central/highly organized space for kitchen storage. Your storage wall can include hidden appliances such as the refrigerator, microwave, and wine fridge.

Overall 2017 looks to bring back depth, color, and ease of living to our homes.

Custom Home Builder in Southern Maryland

Before we begin working with you on your luxury home design plans, we will talk about your:

  • Goals
  • Lifestyle at home
  • Stage of life
  • Personal interests (and those of your family members)

Click here for a convenient form that helps you define more clearly what you’re envisioning for your new luxury home.

We’re not selling you a house – we’re providing you with design-build services that make the entire custom homebuilding process a cooperative effort between you and Towne Craft Builders.

Schedule a Consultation for Your Custom Home In Maryland

If you are looking to build a custom home in the Southern Maryland area or you are looking to remodel this year, the team at Towne Craft can help. We are luxury homebuilders that specialize in custom new build and remodeling services. Contact us today to talk about incorporating some of these 2017 trends in your home.

Considerations for In-Law Suite Additions

If you want your parents or in-laws to live nearby in case of an emergency but would like for them to retain their independence, then you may want to consider an in-law suite addition. In-law suite additions can be built in a number of different ways, whether it’s by building an apartment over your garage or adding a room onto your home. Our remodelers at Towne Craft Builders have the experience necessary to both design and build an in-law suite addition no matter what your unique needs may be.

Our In-Law Suite Projects

We have designed and built many in-law suites over the years. For example, one of our projects in St. Mary’s County, Maryland consisted of an in-law suit on the first floor that could someday transition into a first-floor master suite – yet another benefit of adding an in-law suit. We designed this particular project with the following features:

  • A master bath with numerous universal design features, such as a wheelchair-accessible shower stall with frameless glass doors, a bench and grab bars as well as an adjacent soaker tub.
  • A large walk-in closet, a laundry room and a library area with custom built-in bookcases.
  • Energy efficient gas furnace and air conditioning units along with a tankless water heater for individual climate control.
  • Additional sound insulation that creates a sound barrier between the suite and the house.

Additional Benefits of Our In-Law Suite Project

Our Towne Craft Builders contractors worked closely with the owner of the home to create the in-law suit they desired and also added a butler pantry at the back of the existing home that not only helped expand the existing dining room, but also acted as a transition between the in-law suite and the rest of the home.

We managed to perform this remodeling project in only five months, despite the challenges of winter and the expansion of the ground floor.

Working With Our Client

We work very closely with our clients, as evidenced by the work we did on the St. Mary County in-law suite project. In the beginning stages of the project, we drew a minimalistic floor plan of the existing home in order to create a 3D model. We then created three to four different plans for the in-law suite addition, meeting with our client regularly to go over those plans.

With every meeting, we were able to narrow down their vision and our interpretation of that vision more and more until there was a common consensus. One of the goals of the client was to make sure that the addition looked like an part of the original home design and not an obvious addition – something that we worked hard on to achieve.  

If you are interested in expanding your Southern Maryland area home for multi-generational living, then you may want to consider adding on an in-law suite. Be sure to contact us today at Towne Craft Builders for more information about our in-law suite remodeling services.


Considerations for Kitchen Remodeling in Southern Maryland

The kitchen may very well be the most important part of your home. Not only is it the place where you store and cook your food (and often eat it as well), it’s also the area of the house that will most likely benefit the most from a remodeling project. This is because kitchen remodeling projects generally result in the highest ROI and can greatly boost your home’s value.

However, kitchen remodeling isn’t just a financial investment that can help improve your home’s value and its appeal to buyers, it can also greatly improve you and your family’s lifestyle. If your kitchen feels too cramped, doesn’t have enough storage space or doesn’t have an effective or convenient layout, then you may want to turn to the Southern Maryland kitchen remodeling experts here at Towne Craft Builders.

The Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractor in Southern Maryland

If you’re thinking about investing in a kitchen remodeling project, then there are a number of things you should ask yourself first.

  • Do you use your kitchen primarily for cooking or entertaining?
  • Do you want a whole new look?
  • Does your kitchen need more natural light?
  • Are you regularly running out of storage space?
  • Do you have enough workspace?
  • Is it easy and convenient to get around your kitchen space?

This will help you determine whether you are happy with the kitchen you have or whether it could benefit from a remodel. Here at Towne Craft Builders, we’ll make sure that your new kitchen will meet your specific wants and needs.

Our Southern Maryland Kitchen Remodeling Services

We offer full-fledged kitchen remodeling services, whether you’re looking to implement a couple of improvements or are looking for a complete makeover. We can do everything from install custom countertops and cabinets to building breakfast rooms or expanding small kitchens. We’ll even help install more energy efficient kitchen appliances.

  • Cabinet installation and replacement - There are few kitchen features that have as big of an impact on the aesthetic and function of your kitchen than your cabinets. Our professionals can help you choose new cabinets that provide the storage space you need and that fit the unique visual style of your existing kitchen.
  • Countertop installation and replacement - There are many different materials to choose from when it comes to installing new countertops, such as granite, concrete, steel, ceramic tile and more. We can help advice you and properly install any of these countertop materials.
  • Kitchen tile installation and replacement - Kitchen tiles can be used in a variety of ways, including for your floors, for your countertops and for your backsplash. Installing or replacing tile is a huge project that requires a professional’s experience and know-how.

Request a Free Estimate for Kitchen Remodeling in Southern Maryland

Here at Towne Craft, our professional kitchen remodelers have the training, skills and experience to provide you with full fledged kitchen remodeling services in Southern Maryland. Be sure to contact us at Towne Craft today to request a free estimate for your kitchen remodeling project.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for Older Homes

The kitchen has become the central gathering point in a home. It tends to be the room that people congregate in during a party, and it’s one of the few rooms in the home that brings families together. With so much entertaining happening in the kitchen, you want this space to offer a positive impression of what the rest of your home holds.

Kitchen remodeling services is an area of specialty for our team at Towne Craft Builders and Remodelers, and we invite you to view our online portfolio to see some of the latest kitchen remodels that we have completed.

Southern Maryland offers a wealth of older, beautiful homes. If your fortunate to be living in one of these older homes and are interested in kitchen remodeling services, you need to decide whether you want your renovation to match the period of the home or give your home a modern update.

To offer some inspiration, we wanted to share some trending kitchen remodeling ideas for older homes:

Green Friendly Design

Especially in older homes, people have a strong desire to upgrade to energy efficient appliances. Not only will this help to bring the home up to 21st century standards, but it’s a big step in the right direction for improving the efficiency and functionality of the home.

Specifically in regards to the kitchen, energy efficient upgrades could include the installation of an induction range (much more efficient with its power use) and choosing appliances such as a dishwasher and oven that are ENERGY STAR certified.

Using environmentally safe materials that are rapidly renewal in the kitchen is another one of the most requested kitchen remodeling services. Examples include bamboo butcher block countertops or a backsplash made of recycled stone.

Unexpected Pops of Color

One way to bring an old, outdated kitchen to life is by introducing pops of color. While stainless steel appliances are a timeless choice, don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Dacor recently introduced a dishwasher with personality as it offers a front panel that comes in 6 different colors such as blue water and slate green.

If you want to go really bold, install a 48-inch gas range by BlueStar that comes in 190 different colors.

Convenient and Multifunctional Design

This concept can apply to many aspects of kitchen design.

For one, opening up the kitchen so that it is exposed to the living room has been a trend that homeowners have been embracing for the past decade. This allows the person cooking in the kitchen to be involved in the conversation when entertaining, or a parent to keep a close eye on young children when preparing dinner.

To appeal to multi-taskers, specific fixtures in the kitchen can be modified to serve multiple purposes, such as a sink that also offers a preparation board, colander, and drain tray.

Request a Kitchen Remodeling Estimate Today

To learn more about our kitchen remodeling services and design trends that we are seeing in older houses, contact us at Towne Craft Builders and Remodelers.

Home Remodeling Checklist

A remodeling project can be time-consuming, costly and often an inconvenience to those living in your home, however with a little careful planning you can protect your family and your budget.

Things to Do Before Finding a Contractor

  • Create a Wish List - Creating a wish list can help you make the tough choices down the road when you may have to eliminate things. This is the time to map out your needs and your wants. This way you will get everything you need, adding the wants in as your budget allows.
  • Have a Budget - Going into a renovation without a budget is never a good idea. It is always good to add at least 10% extra for things that may pop up during the renovation.
  • Think About the Timeline - It is important to have a timeline before heading to the contractor. Look at what is coming up on your calendar and try not to schedule a renovation when your family will be visiting or during stressful events.

Finding a Home Remodeling Contractor

Now that you have an idea of your budget and what you want to get from your renovation you can start looking for a contractor. Looking for a contractor doesn’t have to be hard, follow these tips to find the right team for you.

  • Ask Around - Ask anyone you know if they have had renovations and who they chose, look for reviews online and check with the local Master Builders Association. You may also want to check with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Pick Up the Phone - Start calling local contractors, ask if they have a portfolio of similar jobs they have done in the area, you may also want to ask about education and certifications carried by staff in the office.
  • Check Licenses and Insurance - When you are calling contractors be sure that they carry the right licenses and insurance to work in your local area and within the state.
  • Test of Time - A remodeler that has been in business for a significant amount of time likely carries less risk than a company that just started six months ago.

Working with a Home Remodeling Contractor

Now that you have found the right Contractor for you, be sure to keep the lines of communication open. Being upfront with your expectations can help calm your fears and set a good working relationship from the beginning.

When you sign a contract for your remodel be sure to examine the contract closely, reading all the fine print to make sure there are no unusual clauses added.

Ask the contractor to give you a basic timeline on paper, expect that things won’t always follow this timeline exactly, but know that if you have something in writing you can go back and refer to it with the contractor.

 Request a Home Remodeling Estimate in Eastern MD

If you live in the Eastern Maryland area and are looking for a trusted contractor to complete your renovation, contact the team at Towne Craft Builders.

Kitchen Island Design Options

If you are looking for a kitchen that brings a luxurious feel to your home yet is still practical, the team at Towne Craft are here to help. When designing their new kitchen many homeowners ask for an island. Kitchen islands can provide extra space, give families a place to gather and make entertaining a breeze.

There are many design options available when it comes to kitchen islands, here are some design options you may want to consider.

Design Options for Your New Kitchen Island

  • Entertainers Dream – An Island that has a cooktop, full sink, coffee station and even a built in microwave is an entertainers dream island. You can be cooking and chatting while your guests enjoy a drink at the bar.
  • Meal Time – If your family is less formal your island may be the place where you gather for a meal. In this case, you will want to make sure your counter has enough space to fit your whole family comfortably.
  • Usable Storage – If you are looking to add storage to your kitchen, an island with drawers and  cupboards is a great addition. You will have the storage you need and a countertop you can prep food on or eat at.
  • Open Design – If you don’t need extra storage you can leave the bottom of your kitchen island open. Using some decorative pieces you can still have a stand out island while allowing for your kitchen space to look bigger.
  • Connected – Your island doesn’t have to separate to the rest of your kitchen counters. You can have an island that connects to existing countertops, creating one seamless space. Add some stools on one side and cabinets on the other and you have a very functional space.
  • Prep Space – If you love to cook, bake and prep food, having an island with a sink is a great choice. The sink gives you the extra space you need to prep or bake yet you can still be in the center of your kitchen talking with family and friends.

No matter what type of island you are looking for in your new or existing kitchen, the team at Towne Craft can help you come up with a design that works for you and your home.

From beginning to end, we work with you to get the look and feel you want from your home. Our designers will work with you to get the ball rolling coming up with a design plan that looks and feels right. We will then work through the process of permits and council guidelines. Next, our installation team will arrive with their knowledge and skill.  Before you know it you will have a kitchen you don’t want to leave.

If you are looking for a new kitchen island or you are looking to remodel your current space, contact the team at Towne Craft today.