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If you are looking to build a luxury home that incorporates even the smallest of details, resulting in a home that is perfect for you, then a luxury home builder can give you your dream. Luxury home builders are all about the details. We begin with helping you choose the perfect location and consider everything including your budget and time line, right down to the finishes and fixtures.

Towne Craft Builders have been in the business of building custom homes in the Lexington Park, MD area for many years. We work with you to give you a house that meets all your needs whilst meeting the highest of standards in customer service and workmanship. When we are done building your custom home, you will have a home that reflects who you are.

Custom Luxury Homes from Towne Craft Builders

Whilst you could visit any new neighborhood and have your pick of model homes, it is likely those homes will not suit your exact needs. A home should make life comfortable, it should be a sanctuary, and it should reflect your personality and style back to the world.

Custom homes are built with care, minimizing those annoyances that you may find when you choose a model home. Your builder is with you from beginning to end making sure that everything runs smoothly and you get the home you want, you will also find the fear of add on costs is gone, as we give you a fixed price quote and we stick to it.

Building on a waterfront lot can at times be tricky, where to build to take advantage of the views, where to place windows, and what size home to build to incorporate the waterfront lifestyle, can almost seem like a headache. A custom home can help you have the style of home you are looking for, from cabin to a contemporary mansion, you can have a home that is built to not only take in the best views but give you the lifestyle you are looking for. Hiring a luxury home builder to help you build your waterfront home can take the headache out of the process.

Why Choose Towne Craft Builders as Your Luxury Home Builder?

When we work with you to give you the luxury home of your dreams, we understand that the home you want, is about you, it is not about what your luxury home builder wants. We work with you to give you a custom home that is both beautiful and functional.

Whether you have a group of ideas or you have a complete construction plan, we can help you build your home, whilst respecting your budget and time restraints. We have worked with many homeowners in the Lexington Park, MD area to give them the home they want with excellent results. You will get a home that has been built with care and will give you a lifetime of happy memories.

Call Towne Craft Builders today and experience the difference when it comes to Lexington Park, MD’s leading luxury home builder for your new home.

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