Custom Sunrooms in St. Mary's County, MD

Do you love eating outside with a view of the water – no matter what time of year it is? If so, a sunroom could be the perfect addition to your St. Mary's County, MD home! No matter how you want your sunroom to look, we can customize it to fit your lifestyle and design preferences, down to the finishing touches.

Towne Craft Builders can create a custom sunroom you can enjoy year round, whether you want to add to your waterfront vacation home or are building your very first home in the Calvert and St. Mary's County, Maryland area.

Custom Sunrooms for Any Style

No matter what your home looks like, custom sunrooms are great additions and can seamlessly blend into the style of your home. If you've never had a sunroom and want to know a little about them, we're happy to help. Sunrooms can also be known as solariums, sun porches, Florida rooms, or patio rooms, and there is no "right" or "best" sunroom – it all depends on your lifestyle and home's design!

Custom sunrooms can be closed off or not (they typically tend to be closed off with a sliding glass or screen door), built on a foundation or supported by wooden posts, have a glass roof or a ceiling, have glass walls or a screen – and Towne Craft Builders can custom tailor the design to create the perfect space for you and your family.

Both screened sunrooms and glass sunrooms allow you to sit outside, even when it's raining, but if you like year-round sunrooms and like the idea of being able to relax in your sunroom even in the winter, glass custom sunrooms are more fitting. Screened custom sunrooms are great in the summer and spring, especially if you like to sit and watch thunderstorms or read a book on a warm Sunday afternoon without having to fight pesky mosquitoes and bugs!

Popular Types of Sunrooms in St. Mary's County, MD

If you are looking at adding valuable space to your home and you are considering a sunroom, you will want to make sure you choose the right style. Towne Craft can build a luxury sunroom that helps extend the space in your home. There are four main types of sunrooms, these sunrooms vary in style, however they all allow plenty of light into a space.
The Four Main Types of Sunrooms

  • Conservatory - If you are looking to add a space that brings a little charm to your home, than a conservatory can make a great choice. A conservatories roof segments are always separated, this is what gives that feel of old world charm to the space.
  • Gable - The roof of a gable sunroom includes a main center beam that is centered in the room. The roof panels slope, which allows water and other debris to easily run off the roof.
  • Shed or Studio - A single pitched or sloped roof is the signature style of a shed or studio sunroom. Excellent drainage is given thanks to the roof slope. A shed or studio sunroom works with a home that currently has a low roof line.
  • Solarium - If you are looking for a completely glassed in space than a solarium sunroom is likely the answer. These sunrooms walls and ceiling are made up of glass. The walls can be straight or curved and the room can have a single slope or gabled roof.

Benefits of Custom Sunrooms

Custom sunrooms have a number of benefits, including

  • Appearance – custom sunrooms make your home more beautiful and can add unique architecture
  • Value – custom sunrooms can increase your home's resale value – in fact, adding a sunroom or screened porch to your home is one of the best ways to boost the value of your home!
  • Function – do you want to enjoy a meal outside without having to fight bugs or glaring sunlight? Custom sunrooms allow you to do exactly this!
  • View – custom sunrooms offer a great view, whether it's your own backyard or the water.

Get a Custom Sunroom Estimate Today

Custom sunrooms are great additions to any home, and we can create one that you'll love. We've done it all, so if you want a beautiful sunroom that's perfect for you, call the custom home experts in St. Mary's County, MD – Towne Craft Builders!

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