Use DEK Drain to Make Livable Space Under Your Deck

You already have your dream luxury home, so now it’s now time to enhance your outdoor living space to make your southern Maryland house even more beautiful!  Towne Craft Builders can build you your dream deck – or add that beautiful addition to your existing deck that you’ve always wanted. And now, we’re proud to introduce the DEK Drain – which converts the area under your deck into dry, usable space. Whether you use your under deck space for entertaining on those rainy summer days or just for storing the kids' toys and bikes, DEK Drain is a fantastic new product which really puts the finishing touches on your deck project.

Towne Craft Builders can install DEK Drain onto your existing deck or the new deck we’re building for you, but in either case, the end result is a beautiful, additional living space which stays dry and protected at all times, even when it’s raining. When it comes to keeping the space under your deck dry, nothing is more effective than DEK Drain.

How DEK Drain Works as a Deck Drain

The DEK Drain product is basically a system that is installed under your deck to channel away rainwater – much like a gutter system takes away the water from the roof of your house. DEK Drain has many benefits to the deck owner; it not only keeps your deck from getting moldy from water build-up, but it helps ensure that all of the space under your deck is actually usable. Rain and moisture that pass through the bottom of the deck often keep people from using the space that’s under the deck. But with DEK Drain, the deck framing and entire area underneath stay nice and dry. Many people set up chairs, tables and even TVs – just as they would for an area on the deck itself. It can also serve as a great extra storage space for all sorts of things – from the kids’ bikes to pool supplies. As long as you have eight feet of clearance between the bottom of the deck framing and the ground – you have the perfect setup for a nice dry weather-proof area.   


Keep the Area Under Your Deck Dry With This Deck Drain

With DEK Drain, you can, say goodbye to cookouts ruined because of the rain. DEK Drain makes a beautiful space out of an area that is usually an eyesore under your deck. Looking up at the deck from below, you will forget that you’re even under your deck! All you need is a deck that is eight feet or higher off the ground and you’re in business with the DEK Drain. If it starts raining on the night you are throwing that Memorial Day party, no need to cancel!  There’s a place for you and your guests to go, thanks to this fantastic deck drain system.

And really, you can get as creative as you want with this new protected area under the deck! This deck drain allows you to turn the space into a gorgeous entertaining area with ceiling fans or even a simple screened-in porch where you can relax in a hammock or a comfy cushioned chair. With DEK Drain, even when it’s raining, you can enjoy your dinner outside on a nice, warm evening.

Deck Storage – Even if your deck isn’t high enough off the ground to be an entertaining area, DEK Drain can still come in handy as a deck draining system! Whatever you choose to store will stay completely dry and remain protected from mold or mildew.


We Install DEK Drain Onto New and Existing Decks

DEK Drain can be installed onto both new and existing decks. New deck construction uses DEK Drain TOPSIDE. If you already have a deck but love the potential benefits that this deck drain offers, DEK Drain UNDERSIDE is the right product for you. An advantage of having a deck drain right under your deck’s surface is that it is not out in the open and taking up room. The ceiling that we can build to conceal DEK Drain adds another touch of beauty to the area under your deck, especially if you are using the space for entertainment.


Additional Benefits of DEK Drain

No Complications – It comes to you with a lifetime limited warranty and is super easy to maintain. This deck drain truly is superior!  

Durability – Made from top quality industrial rubber membrane, these deck drain panels are flexible and extremely sturdy!  They will not expand, contract, tear or deteriorate due to environmental conditions. The resilient panels, UV and ozone-resistant, can safely endure extreme weather conditions such as freezing rain, acid rain, snow, ice and high winds. Acid, leaf-decay and salt spray (in coastal areas) also do not affect this durable deck drain. It is tough and long-lasting – install it and forget it!

We at Towne Craft Builders understand that your outdoor living area should be of the utmost comfort, convenience and beauty, and DEK Drain helps you achieve just that. With a simple minimal maintenance, this deck drain provides an expanded outdoor living area or a great storage space under your deck.  If you live in southern Maryland and want to find out more about DEK Drain, call Towne Craft Builders so you can enjoy the benefits of a great living area under your deck!

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