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If you are looking at building a custom home to suit your specific needs, you may want to consider using design build services. This type of home building service can offer many advantages over traditional home contractors. These advantages range from cost savings, to working with the same company from the start of your project to the end.

How Design Build Services can Help you Build a Luxury Custom Home

Traditionally when you build a home, you work with many different companies, this can lead to hours of frustration as you try to set up schedules, get people to work well together, and run around finding the best prices. Design build services are different in that you hire one company and the one company looks after all aspects of your building project. This one company works with lenders, real estate agents, designers or architects, towns and cities, inspectors, builders, and most importantly their clients, to get the job done as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

As you can see design build services take care of everything, whilst still making sure that you are getting exactly what you want in your new home.

Our Design-Build Services

Many services can be included when it comes to using a design build service. Below are just a small picture of what can be included in your home project.

  • Real Estate Services and Advice - If you are yet to choose a block of land to build on, a real estate agent can be incorporated to help you search out that perfect space.
  • Building Requirements - Design build services can offer a comprehensive review of the lot you plan to build on, ensuring all specifications are met when it comes to the HOA, Cities and Towns, and engineering.
  • Suppliers - Suppliers can be tricky to work with. When suppliers are a part of the whole building process, it makes it easier to get quality products at the best prices. Having your builder work directly with them can also ensure that the products are on site when needed.
  • House Plans - Architects or planners can be part of design build services. This allows for architects, builders, and buyers to meet together to create the best design plan that will meet both a buyers personal needs, and the needs of the specific lot the home will be built on.
  • Construction - When you choose a design build team you will know that construction will only start when everything else is in order. This comes from the collaboration of one complete team working together to deliver a high quality experience.
  • Pre and Post Home Inspections - It is always a good idea to have inspections completed by competent and qualified experts. When this is included as part of a building package you can be assured that all work will be inspected, and all problems will be fixed, before the project is too far ahead.

If you feel that design build services may be worth looking into when it comes to your custom home building project, contact us today at Towne Craft Builders and Remodelers. Our experienced team members can help answer any questions you may have in regards to building your custom home.

Why Choose Towne Craft Builders as Your Design-Build Firm?

Towne Craft Builders have worked with many homeowners in the Eastern Maryland area to provide them with a home that is both attractive and livable. We work with you from beginning to end, so that you receive exactly what you need and want in your home. By choosing us as your design-build team, you are choosing a group of builders that provide a high level of customer service and exceptional quality.

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