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Is your home Dunkirk, MD home a popular vacation destination for friends and family during the summer? If you find yourself entertaining frequently, you may want to think about adding more space to make your guests more comfortable. A guest house or loft is a great way to give your guests (and yourself!) some peace and privacy during the evenings and in between activities.

If you want to add a guest house to your home, the experts at Towne Craft Builders can lay out an optimal floor plan and can design and build a guest house, suite or loft for your family and friends.

Types of Guest Houses                        

Whether you want a two-story guest house that is separate from your home or guest quarters above the garage, we have you covered.

Separate, multiple-story guest houses – if you plan on hosting your extended family or large groups of friends at once, you may need more than just guest lodgings above the garage. A two or three-story guest house detached from the house might be better suited for your needs.

The guest home can be as simple as a basic flat or apartment or as luxurious as a small townhouse. If you choose to design a multi-level guest house, you could have a kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom downstairs with additional beds and baths upstairs. From there, you can choose any other additions you want, such as a library, laundry room, exercise room and more!

Attached guest lofts and suites – these guest houses or guest quarters can either be built above your garage or attached to the side of your home with their own individual entrance. If you want to add more height to your home, a guest house above the garage would be a good solution. However, neither design is necessarily better – it all depends on your personal preference.

Plans for Guest House Construction in Dunkirk, MD

When it comes to guest house plans and designs, Towne Craft Builders has seen and done it all – luxurious three-story guest houses, balconies, master bathrooms, walk-in closets, breakfast bars, spacious laundry rooms, libraries – you name it! No matter what guest house designs you're interested in, we can make it happen.

Get an Estimate for Guest House Construction in Dunkirk, MD

Ready to build a guest home in Dunkirk, MD today? No matter which type of guest house you want, whether you have a rough sketch or no ideas at all, the experts at Towne Craft Builders can help with your guest room construction in Dunkirk, MD. Call us today to find out more about guest homes and which kind works best for you!


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