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Cape Cod Before RemodelTowne Craft's remodeling and residential makeover skills come to life in the adjacent, recently completed project in St. Mary's county.

Background: the original structure was built in the late 80's, representing a basic Cape Cod look.

The build time was 18 days from the time Towne Craft Builders put the first shovel in the ground. Overall, from the first meeting with this Sotterley area resident, it took 60 days for conceptual drawings, permit acquisition and makeover construction.

Other facts to consider:

  • This home improvement project was in the $30,000 - $40,000 range
  • The owner judges he could already recoup his financial investment
  • The footprint of the house increased by 36 square feet
  • Permit was easy to obtain

See How Towne Craft Helps You Define Your Objectives

The Towne Craft remodeling team listens to your home renovation goals.

With SolidBuilder software, you receive not only definitive pre-construction architectural renderings, but these illustrations enable Towne Craft to provide a more reliable, definitive cost for your project.

We've all heard the homeowner's frustration where a custom home builder said the cost would be "x," then it became "y" at the outset and ended up being "z" with the final invoice.

Towne Craft, with its SolidBuilder resources, is committed to giving you a firm price.

You have ideas about the knockdown, the luxurious bath makeover, adding a second floor or a two-car garage. Give Stu a call now at 301-737-5400.

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