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[Webmaster's note: the owner of this Calvert County residence offered to share the following observations about the professionalism and workmanship of Towne Craft Builders.]

"From the very initial conversation with Stu Garlington of Towne Craft Builders, I emphasized three major objectives:

  • Number one: I had a very small kitchen, with small passageways. Very confining. The old seating area did not take advantage of my surrounding lush, heavily wooded property adjacent to a waterway.

    The before and after is dramatic - a huge improvement. I'm very pleased with the additional cooking and storage areas and now my dinner guests enjoy a scenic, restful panoramic view of the woods and water.
  • Number two: as you can see in one of the images on Stu's website, the original screened porches were in an awful deteriorated state. Initially, I decided on a particular design approach that called for a second-floor meditation room.

    However, as the residential makeover design process evolved, I realized my initial concepts were wrong and needed to be modified.

    This is another one of those professional areas where Towne Craft is so phenomenal: they are very good listeners, demonstrate flexibility and are quick to adapt.

    Stu utilized his SolidBuilder design software to accommodate my evolving needs. The revised architectural layout and specifications now provided a wonderful guest bedroom.
  • Number three: from the outset, there was fixed time frame for the completion of this major remodeling project. Towne Craft knew that I had 30 out-of-town guests coming on a fixed date, with hotel reservations and baby sitting arrangements and that Towne Craft must meet the deadline.

    They did. My guests could not believe they were returning to my house of old. There were many 'wows' in the greetings."

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