Kit House Remodeling Project

Project Overview

Kitchen Remodeling ā€” and more!

Decades ago, it was a plain Kit House construction that provided a rural weekend getaway near the Chesapeake Bay in southern Maryland.

In under 10 weeks, Towne Craft's remodeling and residential makeover team increased the living space by 500 square feet part of which was a spectacular remodeled kitchen.

Stu Garlington, Towne Craft president, utilized the expertise of Carmike Kitchens from Towne Craft's design team for the layout and installation of the kitchen makeover.

Definitely a creative setting for great cuisine, yet to come.

Project Details

  • Towne Craft had to hand carry all the materials down a steep incline of steps to reach the Calvert County residence
  • This home improvement project was in the $120,000 - $140,000 range
  • The "before" and "after" images tell a powerful story for residential makeover magic
  • Enjoy the plethora of accessories and unique decorative appointments in this heavily-treed, waterview property

Project Outcome

Add Value to your Residential Property!

The before and after images tell a powerful story for residential makeover magic. Not only does the southern Maryland kit house exterior have a new look, but the kitchen makeover gives the home interior a new feel as well.

Kit House Exterior Remodel- Before Kit House Exterior Remodel - After Kit House Interior Remodel - Before Kit House Interior Remodel - After

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Stu Garlington Reflects on this Home Improvement Project

"Our job was to remove the old screened in porches and turn them into living space. Each porch consisted of two levels and was completely torn off with the exception of the roofs which were temporarily supported during the demolition and rebuild.

The internal stairs were originally ā€œLā€ shaped and considerably limited the space available to the kitchen makeover. Once we recommended the stairs be redone so as to run straight out into what was the old porch a considerable amount of design area was created. Carmike Kitchens brought the creativity to the kitchen layout that was needed for this job. Carmike Kitchens even designed a custom space above the cook top for decorative ceramic tiles the client had purchased on vacation and wanted to showcase.

The job was started around July 7 and was substantially completed on Sept. 12 or in 67 days. The owner has an annual gathering at his home every September and requested the job be complete prior to that event. We ran the job on a compressed schedule to meet our client's need. Normally, a job like this would have taken 90 - 110 days."

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