Why Use Ipe Decking?

ipe decks

If you want a deck that not only is beautiful but also offers the utmost durability, consider Ipe decking! A renewable South American hardwood, Ipe is one of the highest quality woods available. Interested in adding an Ipe deck to your Southern Maryland home? Call Towne Craft Builders get the ball rolling!

About Ipe Decks

If you're wondering what Ipe decking is and why it's such great decking material, we can give you several reasons why! First, let's talk a little about what the details of Ipe decking.

ipe decks

Ipe (pronounced ee-PAY) – also known as Brazilian Walnut – is an extremely sturdy hardwood from South-Central America. It has a rich, beautiful reddish brown shade that complements any style of home. So if you love an exotic look but want a deck that will last for years and years, Ipe decking is the perfect choice!

Beyond just its aesthetic beauty, Ipe wood is one of the hardest and most resilient decking materials on the market. Ipe is resistant to mold growth, warping, insect damage and more due to its super tight grain pattern. In fact, Ipe decking is so durable and sturdy that it's commonly referred to as "Iron Wood." In nature, Ipe can last for up to a century. In your backyard, water, heavy traffic, hail, scratches from the dog's nails or anything else you can think of, are nothing to worry about!

Benefits of Ipe Decking

As you can probably tell, Ipe is a decking material that offers a large number of benefits – beauty and durability are just the beginning! The benefits of Ipe decking include:

  • Superior durability and strength (Ipe isn't called "Iron Wood" for nothing!)
  • Resistance to insect damage and fires, as well as mold, fungi and wood rot and decay
  • Doesn't warp, bend or scratch easily
  • Extremely slip resistant (if you want a hot tub for your deck but are worried that people will constantly slip, Ipe decking will give you peace of mind!)
  • Holds up very well under high traffic
  • Very low-maintenance
  • Doesn't absorb heat (in the summer, it tends to stay cool and won't burn the bottoms of your bare feet!)
  • Environmentally friendly (wood is obtained through sustainable forestry methods and responsibly harvested)
ipe decks

Ipe decking can provide a beautiful look for any backyard! Whether you opt for an extravagant multi-level deck with a view of the water or a low-maintenance deck with a hot tub and table, Towne Craft Builders has you covered.

If you want more information on Ipe decks or are interested in an Ipe deck for your home in Southern Maryland, call us today!

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