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Luxury Custom Home Floor Plans

At Towne Craft, the customer is not pushed into a set architectural plan that the builder is offering. We have no set plans. We're here to help you fulfill a dream.

Towne Craft suggests you browse the Sater Design Collection of house plans and home styles. It's quite possible they have an architectural plan that approaches your own vision of a dream home.

And then view the home plans available online at Frank Betz Associates. They have their house plans categorized in various ways that will be helpful to you.

Ready for the Next Step?

We're ready to walk hand-in-hand with you. Whether you find a floor plan that's perfect for you, a floor plan that you want to tweak or can't find one that fits your needs and your lifestyle, we can help.

Click here (PDF) for a convenient form that helps you define more clearly your vision of your luxury home.

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