New Custom Home Builders in Hollywood, MD & Surrounding Areas

If you are considering moving to a new home in the Southern Maryland area, you may want to consider having a custom home built. A custom home can be designed and built to meet your specific needs, so no more settling for a house that is not perfectly suited to your lifestyle. Whether you are seeking a home that has large open spaces, including a basement and patio, or you are looking for a cozy cottage, we can help you create and build the custom home in Southern Maryland of your dreams. One of the additional advantages of having a new home built is the fact that everything is new, so there should be no extra, expensive fixes, such as plumbing, electrical, or renovation work to be done.

Don’t settle for any cookie-cutter home! Contact Towne Craft Builders to be your new custom home builders in Hollywood, MD and the surrounding areas!

New Build Homes in Solomons, MD

Once you have decided that a custom-built home is the best option for you, you will need to pick a new home builder in Southern Maryland that you can trust, a builder that has a high level of experience and an excellent reputation.

Towne Craft Builders can help you when it comes to building your dream home. From start to finish, we provide you with the highest level of workmanship and customer service, giving you peace of mind throughout the whole process. Towne Craft Builders will work with you to make sure all the details of your new home construction in Southern Maryland suit your needs. From small traditional custom homes to large contemporary living spaces, we can create that home that you have been wishing for.

Ready to get started with the best new custom home builders in Hollywood, MD and the surrounding areas? Contact Towne Craft Builders today!

Home Remodeling Services in California, MD

In addition to offering the services of a new home build, the team at Towne Craft Builders offers new home remodeling and remodeling services for existing properties. Whether you're hoping for a home addition, remodeling a basement, or want renovate a new waterfront home, we can assist.

Home Additions

Home additions can let you add additional living space or change the floor plan of your home without actually having to move, and our design and build services are the ideal way to embrace a home addition. Let Towne Craft Builders add a sunroom, bonus room, bathroom, or additional bedroom, so you can better enjoy your space.

Basement Remodeling

Often a new home build won't have a finished basement. If you're wanting to maximize your space, let us customize your basement to serve as that rec room, in-law suite, or crafting and hobby space you've been dreaming of.

In-Law Suite Additions

If you're moving elderly parents in, give them a space of their own with an in-law suite addition. This gives privacy and promotes independence while letting you provide the assistance they need.

Kitchen Remodeling

Transform your outdated kitchen with a kitchen remodel. Add an island, update your cabinetry, or make the room more open in design with help from Towne Craft Builders and our kitchen remodeling crew.

Bathroom Remodeling

Sometime, a new bathroom is all you need to make your existing home perfect. Our bathroom remodeling services can transform your bathroom to create that tranquil, spa-like retreat that you crave. Let us help you embrace your bathroom through and thorough with a quality bathroom remodel.

Guest House Remodeling Services

If the only thing that would make your new home build perfect is a guest home, no worries. Towne Craft Builders can build that guest home or add guest quarters to your property to give you an ideal space to host friends.

Waterfront Home Renovations

If your home occupies a waterfront property, your new home remodeling services require an additional touch. You need to address the potential for water damage and the desire for a great view of your waterfront lot. Our team can assist with both through our waterfront home renovation services in California, MD.

For a comprehensive list of home renovations in California, MD, reach out to Towne Craft Builders at (301) 737-5400 or contact us online for a free quote.

New Home Build FAQs

How long does a new home build take?

On average, a new home build takes around 7 to 8 months to complete. Many factors can impact this time frame, and your custom bid will include a time frame estimate.

Should I build a new home or remodel?

New home remodeling services can transform your existing home into your dream home. If you are considering a move to a newly built home, but wonder if your existing home could fit your needs, talk to a new home remodeling company to help you determine if your home could be renovated to fit your needs, or if building a new one would be a better move.

What is the most expensive part of the new home build process?

Framing is the costliest part of the process, and you want to make sure that your building crew does this job well. The framing is the support structure of your home, and you want it to be solid. Towne Home Builders will ensure a strong, sturdy structure.

Why Choose Us for New Construction Homes in Solomons, MD & Surrounding Areas?

We offer our customers an experience that is unique from start to finish. We can take care of the whole process when it comes to building a home—from working with architects to draw up a plan that includes everything on your wish list, to making sure your new home meets all the requirements when it comes to permits, the HOA, and your local community. We consider and look after even the smallest of details, so that once your unique home is built, you can enjoy it for many years to come.

New build homes in Solomons, MD are great when they are custom built to your needs and ideas. Don’t ask just anyone to do your new construction home in Solomons—call Towne Craft Builders at (301) 737-5400 today!

Request a New Home Consultation

If you are looking for a new home that can cover your perfect home wish list, our experts in new homes in Southern Maryland can help. Here at Towne Craft we work hard to provide an experience that is set apart from both buying an older home and building a new stock home. We aim to give our customers everything they could imagine in a home and more. When you choose Town Craft Builders and Remodelers, you are choosing a team that is dedicated to creating and building the best homes in the Southern Maryland area. Contact us today and start turning the home of your dreams into a reality.

Don’t keep looking through galleries of the same new build homes in Solomons, MD. Get the house you really want by custom designing and building it with Towne Craft Builders. Contact us to learn more.

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