Why Use Trex Decking?

If you enjoy spending time outside year-round, making the most of your waterfront view in Southern Maryland, you need a beautiful deck. With composite decking (like Trex decking), maintaining your outdoor living space and enjoying the outdoors are easier than ever.

About Trex Decking

Trex decking is a type of composite decking that is eco-friendly and durable. Made of recycled plastic and wood, Trex is actually one of the most environmentally friendly deck materials on the market. But being green isn't the only reason a Trex deck is so great – it's also one of the lowest-maintenance decks available. If you love the look of hardwood decking but don't want to deal with all the hassle, Trex decking is definitely the way to go. No sanding, staining or painting is needed. Your Trex deck only requires occasional cleaning to help it stay beautiful.

Benefits of Trex Deck Installation

There are numerous benefits a Trex deck offers in addition to its eco-friendly and low-maintenance characteristics. Trex decking:

  • Is extremely durable (composite decking can last for 50 years or more!)
  • Doesn't scratch, rot, warp or crack easily
  • Is splinter-free and smooth, making it perfect for walking around barefoot on
  • Is slip-resistant (Trex has exceptional traction)
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Is resistant to heat and stays cooler and more comfortable, even on the hottest days in the summer (this also protects it from UV rays!)
  • Isn't easily damaged by severe weather conditions, termites, fire, mold, fungi, etc.
  • Holds up well under high traffic
  • Is very attractive – though only consisting of recycled material, Trex is designed to look exactly like wood (without the splinters!)

Whether you want a new deck for your beach house or want to expand your home's outdoor living space, Trex decking is a great solution. If you're interested in a low-maintenance Trex deck for your home in Southern Maryland, contact Towne Craft Builders for your initial consultation!

No matter what you're envisioning for your new deck, let us bring it to life! Contact us today to learn more about Trex decking or to get the ball rolling on your deck installation project!

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